MDR Brand Management secures The Wombles and Meat Free Monday tie-up

MDR Brand Management has revealed a tie-up between the relaunched Wombles brand and Meat Free Monday.

The Wombles are supporting the long-running Meat Free Monday campaign with the creation of four family-friendly plant-based recipes. Each of the recipes is presented in a short animated film featuring one of the famous Wombles characters – Madame Cholet’s Cassoulet, Bulgaria’s Beetroot Burgers, Tobermory’s Tofu Scramble and Wellington’s (lentil and vegetable) Wellington.

Daniel Avener, CEO of MDR Brand Management, said: “The Wombles were relaunched early this year to spread their positive message of local environmentalism. The characters have been heavily involved with Keep Britain Tidy’s Great British Spring Clean and also feature in a series of fun animations across their @Womblesofficial social media channels to encourage all of us to adopt positive (Womble-style) behaviour, from recycling and tree planting and rethinking the way we travel, to reusing and refurbishing old items rather than sending them to landfill.”

Sir Paul McCartney – who founded Meat Free Monday in 2009 with his daughters Mary and Stella – added: “We’re so glad that the Wombles are back and supporting Meat Free Monday. Taking part in the campaign is a fun and easy way to make a positive difference. So why not join them, join us, and give it a try?”

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