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MDR Brand Management has successfully built a diverse client roster that accounts for over $1.1 billion in licensed retail sales annually. Our clients cover a range of sectors including: Corporate, Food and Beverage, Health and Beauty, Lifestyle, Entertainment and Celebrity.

Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse was an English singer and songwriter known for her uniquely soulful vocals and signature style. Amy’s talent made her an international icon by her early 20s, winning five Grammy Awards. Amy cared greatly for disadvantaged children and young people and as part of her legacy, her family set up The Amy Winehouse Foundation.

Elizabeth Arden

Elizabeth Arden is a New York beauty powerhouse focused on makeup, high performance skin care and fragrance founded by visionary, Elizabeth Arden in the early 1900s. Arden was the first to introduce eye makeup to the women of America and is best known for the Ceramide capsules. Each product combines cutting edge science and superior aesthetics.

eve sleep

The leading sleep and wellness brand in the UK and France. eve sleep believes that every great day start the night before. Sleep is a passive experience yet has a huge impact on our next day, our active life, our health and wellbeing. eve exists to give everybody the best possible start, by focusing on mental, environmental and physical wellbeing.

Hawes & Curtis

Established in London’s Jermyn Street, Hawes & Curtis is a quintessential British brand with over 100 years of heritage in tailoring. It offers collections of formal and casualwear and attracts a famous clientele including the Duke of Windsor and Frank Sinatra. The brand has been awarded four Royal Warrants for its commitment to product excellence.


With over 100 years of legacy, HERSHEY’S is the leading American chocolate manufacturer. HERSHEY’S has been heart-warming since1984, melting boundaries and dissolving distances, all to create a better, sweeter world! Every bite of HERSHEY’S chocolate warms your body and opens hearts, from personal indulgence to meaningful connection.


Since 1907, HERSHEY’S KISSES chocolates have amplified everyday connections with heartwarming goodness. Their iconic shape and patterns are synonymous with sharing, baking and bringing joy to the world. A bite-size piece of goodness! It’s magical, a simple, sweet connection and a show of affection, a sign of respect, a symbol of love.

Jolly Rancher

JOLLY RANCHER has always stood for bold, long lasting and unmistakable fruit flavour. The combination of bold fruit characters with a colourful, animated brand world creates a unique and ownable identity for JOLLY RANCHER hard candy, gummies, fruit chews and lollipops. JOLLY RANCHER has the boldest, most exaggerated fruit flavour in candy.

NDK Swiss

Swiss heritage. Global expertise. Part of the Nidecker Group and inspired by the mountains, NDK Swiss is an authentic and trusted lifestyle brand inspired by Swiss quality, reliability and innovation. The approach towards product design demonstrates a bias for simplicity and authenticity. Design stays true to those core values.

PURENorway Water

Sustainability has never tasted so good. PURENorway Water is captured at source from the ancient glacial belts of Norway. Canned in infinitely recyclable aluminium cans,1% of turnover is donated to projects whose mission it is to clean up oceans. PURENorway Water is available in seven natural variants, including still and sparkling fruity flavours.


Two great tastes come together to make something even better. The perfect combination of sweet and savoury, REESE’S cups is a blend of chocolate and peanut butter…need we say more! The most crave-worthy candy is available in several variations and limited editions to enjoy in the tastiest way, REESE’S draws you in, makes you drool and isn’t sorry about it!


Revlon is an iconic cosmetic, skin care, fragrance, and personal care brand. Revlon provides high performance makeup that allows women to live their life at their fullest, with no compromise. With world renowned brand ambassadors including Gal Gadot, Ashley Graham and Adwoa Aboah, Revlon’s ‘Live Boldly’ campaign celebrates feminine power.

Sophie la girafe

Sophie la girafe is the world’s first infant stimulation and teething brand for babies and toddlers. Throughout the years, Sophie la girafe has become iconic, timeless, trusted and loved by both parents and babies. Since 1961, it is made of 100% natural rubber derived from the Hevea tree and produced exclusively in the Haute-Savoie region in France.

The Wombles

The Wombles, the much-loved children’s characters from the 1970s have come out of hibernation to spread their positive message of local environmentalism. The Wombles are a rare brand in British family entertainment thanks to their ethical environmental credentials. They are focused on making learning about environmental matters fun.

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