MDR Brand Management offers a unique service to our clients that redefines the brand management offering.

Created to address the growing complexity that brand owners face in the global marketplace, MDR Brand Management is built on a unique set of foundations, recognising that there has never been more overlap between creative, commercial, regulatory, digital and law.

Core Services

Brand extension, licensing and commercial strategic partnerships

Our dedicated teams help brands to navigate the challenges and opportunities they face in today’s global marketplace. We build and protect commercial value for brand owners by managing the expansion of their IP into new product categories, geographies, sectors and partnerships that generate long term incremental annuity revenue streams.

Experiential and franchise development

We develop a strategic experiential and franchise development framework based on identified opportunities that align with brand’s assets, positioning and values. We can execute these propositions with an optimal programme roll-out approach.

Creative brand development and retail concepts

With a strategic approach our team are uniquely positioned to provide design direction for projects. This can range from expanding existing brands into new product categories or translating them into physical retail environments. We develop original ideas based on retail insights. We evolve new products and services into brands.

IP and trade mark strategy and implementation

With one of the largest intellectual property teams in London, we help owners of some of the world’s best-known rights create, protect and exploit their intellectual property. Our team operates across the full spectrum of intellectual property works – brands, copyright, designs and patents, litigation, advisory and commercial – adding value at every stage of the intellectual property lifecycle.

Financial and royalty management

We’re working with the most up-to-date CRM system Brainbase to support the day-to-day management of our business. We monitor sales, invoices and annual forecasts for each partner that we work with.

Advisory Services

Digital and cyber security

Actively managing cyber security will develop your business, protect your customers and build trust in your brand. Our team of cyber security specialists, data theft lawyers, data protection experts and reputation management specialists combines business expertise with a deep understanding of cyber risks and how to protect against them.

Reputation protection

Brand and reputation are inextricably linked. In a world where information can be weaponised and mis-information can spread online like wildfire, crisis management is rarely enough. Long-term, the best way to build and protect your reputation is to be proactive and to anticipate future challenges, planning for them intelligently in advance.


We help dynamic businesses, brand owners and dealmakers to make the right choices for their ventures, offering practical support to populate, finance, grow and protect their assets. We make sure the right structures are in place to meet legal, financial, tax and international requirements, and the right people are recruited and incentivised.

Dispute resolution

The answer to an increasingly competitive and regulated world, in which disputes have become a fact of business life, is one of the largest, most complete and experienced dispute resolution legal departments in London. We take ownership of your dispute, fight your corner and fiercely guard your interests.

Restructuring and insolvency

Licensing can provide life-saving opportunities to companies in financial distress, giving them the ability to generate revenue by ringfencing their brand through trade mark and other intellectual property protection, and then licensing the core brand without the overheads associated with brand expansion.

Mishcon Purpose

In a world of enlightened consumers, it is vital for brands to balance profit with purpose and ensure they are living up to their brand promise. Mishcon Purpose provides ESG advice and purpose-driven insight to help our clients navigate the opportunities and risks presented by a rapidly changing world.

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