MDR Brand Management announces Eco-Schools’ Home Learning programme with The Wombles

The Wombles are supporting Eco-Schools’ #EcoSchoolsAtHome programme, which provides children, families and teachers with environmental-themed teaching resources. The iconic children’s characters are supporting this week’s litter topic with an online art competition. Children and students up to the age of 17 are invited to create posters, cartoons or films highlighting the impact of litter on wildlife.

“The competition supports a variety of curriculum areas and transferable skills, such as creative thinking and persuasive writing and can be completed during home schooling or in school,” says Daniel Avener, CEO of MDR Brand Management. “The winners based in England will receive a visit from Orinoco to their school (once it reopens), plus £500 to donate to a local environmental charity of their choice. Across the UK, five million school kids will have the chance to discover and learn from the original ‘eco-warriors’ values, aimed at inspiring and mobilising the next generation of environmental enthusiasts. Children and students outside of England are also encouraged to participate in this fun learning initiative.”

Eco-Schools is the largest sustainable schools programme in the world, connecting 19.5 million children and educators globally, through eco-friendly education and action-based learning. In England, the programme is managed and run by environmental charity Keep Britain Tidy and provides a robust platform for The Wombles to spread their long-standing positive and environmental message.

Entries to the competition should be posted on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, using the hashtag #TheWomblesEcoSchool and will be accepted until Friday 29 May at 16:00. The three category winners will be announced on Friday 5 June (World Environment Day). Further details are available on the Eco-Schools’ website, where teachers and students can download the litter-themed #EcoSchoolsAtHome resource.

The Wombles will be promoting the competition with a series of short animated films, which will be run across their @WomblesOfficial social media channels. Speaking on behalf of The Wombles, Great Uncle Bulgaria said, “We want to encourage children and students to use their creative skills to promote an important environmental message about the negative impact of litter on wildlife. The lockdown presents all of us with difficulties, particularly children who are unable to go to school, but we hope that this competition gives them a fun, creative and educational challenge. We really look forward to seeing everyone’s pictures, cartoons and videos.”